Do The Magic

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游戏 娱乐 가족
开发 Epicore
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Search for EPICORE in the App Store and you will find all of our high quality magic effects for the iPhone.

This is a simple and wonderfully elegant magic effect that is both amusing and puzzling. It works wonders for adults and children alike.

The magician asks the spectator to draw a number of bubbles on a piece of paper. Then the magician introduces the iPhone talking about how brain waves and the electric current in the iPhone can sometimes mix, resulting in pure magic. The magician just has to ask the phone to DO THE MAGIC.

A number of soap bubbles appear, floating on the screen. The number of bubbles decrease gradually as they burst. Only a few bubbles seem to stick around. When counting the bubbles it turns out to be the exact same number of bubbles that the spectator drew.

This effect can be performed in hundreds of variations limited only by your imagination.

The dreamy aesthetics of the trick makes it perfect for children. It might even work as a romantic trick for the first date although we cant promise you a second date.